62 Screen Free Summer Activities For Kids To Have The Best Summer

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In this blog I’m giving you 62 screen free summer activities so you can have the best summer ever with your kids! Plus keep reading for an amazing freebie.

Screen free summer activities are needed by so many moms, so that’s why I wrote this for you! Summer is coming, my very favorite season. I loved summer pool days as a kid and I love making summers with my own kids extra special. First and foremost though, I want to be honest, I am not the best at limiting screen time for my kids and I’m totally guilty for using the TV as a babysitter. Seriously, no judgment if your kids are TV junkies like mine! But if you’re wanting screen free summer activities for your kiddos, keep reading!

With all that being said, I do try really hard in the summer to watch less TV. Some days are better than others though because it’s all about balance, but that’s why I have come up with 62 screen free summer activities for you and your kids! There is something for almost every day of the summer, and this can at least HELP in the less-tv-watching-department.

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Make sure to keep reading and download my Summer Bucket List so you can write down all the things you want to do this summer and hang it on the fridge. I’m also including in this post a huge summer activity download and a full daily schedule so you’ll always have something to do while also making sure you and your kids get much needed relaxation. So make sure you scroll all the way to the bottom for more!

screen free summer activities

Screen Free Summer Activities

  1. Go to a museum
  2. Make slime
  3. Find new playgrounds
  4. Go to the beach
  5. Jump in puddles
  6. Make a rainbow
  7. Play with sidewalk chalk
  8. Visit a water park
  9. Go camping (even in your backyard!)
  10. Go hiking
  11. Swim in a lake
  12. Paint rocks
  13. Plant some flowers
  14. Make a backyard obstacle course
  15. Learn something new
  16. Run or walk a 5k race
  17. Play soccer
  18. Take a walk in your neighborhood everyday
  19. Catch bugs
  20. Go on a scavenger hunt (inside or outside)
  21. Build a fort
  22. Ride bikes
  23. Go out for ice cream
  24. Make your own popsicles (or froyo)
  25. Visit a farm
  26. Go to the zoo
  27. Make a necklace
  28. Ride a peddle boat
  29. Play legos
  30. Dance in the rain
  31. Have a neighborhood lemonade stand
  32. Have a backyard campfire and make s’mores
  33. Read 100 new books
  34. Do some arts and crafts
  35. Go bowling
  36. Finger paint
  37. Visit the aquarium
  38. Make sand castles
  39. Bubbles
  40. Go to a trampoline park
  41. Get beach pizza
  42. Go to the arcade
  43. Make Oobleck – Recipe HERE
  44. Make cereal necklaces
  45. Paint-By-Sticker books – Find them on Amazon
  46. Put on a puppet show
  47. Go to a play
  48. Puzzles
  49. Make shapes and letters with popsicle sticks
  50. Do yoga – Cosmic Kids Yoga is GREAT!
  51. Bake cookies or bread
  52. Practice cutting
  53. Play hopscotch
  54. Play sink-or-float in a water table
  55. Water beads
  56. Play-Doh
  57. Run through the sprinkler
  58. Puzzles
  59. Grab Activity Packs for a rainy day
  60. Go to your local library
  61. Get a KiwiCo Box
  62. Have a water balloon fight

Screen Free, FUN Summer Activities for Families

That’s 62 fun and screen free summer activities for you to do as a family! If you can do every one, you’ll have a jam-packed, FUN summer! But like I said before, make sure to relax too! There’s nothing wrong with having a low-key, or “boring” day when you just stay at home and do nothing. Seriously, don’t feel bad about doing nothing! In fact, experts say being “bored” is great for kids because it helps them tap into their creativity. I think it’s great to even schedule in a “boring” day and just turn off the TV and allow your kids to think of something to do on their own, play with their toys, and be a kid!

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