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Activity Packs are digital downloads for kids! Once you download them, you can print them as many times as you would like and they are yours forever! These activity packs are perfect for kids ages 18 months to 6 years old. Each pack is a different theme and includes multiple pages for your child to trace, color or paint, and more. The letters and shapes are perfect for using dot markers! Use them for a rainy day, summer vacation, when you need to get some things done around the house, or when you're feeling overwhelmed and just need some quiet time!

Click one of the images below to purchase the Activity Pack you want! And make sure to check back often for new activities to be added.

ABCs - $5.00

Learn your ABCs with this activity pack! Each page is a letter of the alphabet. Fill in the circles with a dot marker (or even circle sticker!) then trace the letter.

Shapes - $5.00

In this activity pack, you'll get 10 pages with one shape on each page. Use a dot marker to fill in the circles then trace the name of the shape! Perfect for practicing fine motor skills.

Nursery Rhymes - $5.00

Did you know many kids are going into Kindergarten not knowing basic nursery rhymes? This activity pack has 10 traditional nursery rhymes to read together and draw a picture of. Great for getting creative!!

Free - Bucket Lists

Get a completely customizable bucket list for each season. Just print and start filling in all the things you want to do with your family for winter, spring, summer, or fall!

Free - Fine Motor Skills

Download this free PDF for 12 activity ideas to work on your child's fine motor skills! Fine motor skills are important to do basic everyday activities such as eating, dressing, and writing. Help build your child's skills AND confidence!

Free - Morning Routine

Are you trying to get into a better routine? Kid's thrive in an environment when they know what's going to happen next. Work on your morning routine together. Grab this fun and colorful morning check list to help your next morning go a little smoother!

Kendahl's Testimonial

I got the ABCs and shapes coloring pages, I printed them and my kids LOVED them! It was so easy to click the link, put my email in & I had them in seconds! They are so helpful & not to mention they are super cute! My son is in pre-k & he loves to practice his letters. My 2 year-old is working on her shapes and she loves to scribble all over the shapes as she calls them out. It’s nice to have access to printing these sheets out as many times as we want! We love JABM Blog and all she has to make my mom life easier!

Rhiannon's Testimonial

My daughter and I love these downloadable activities! It's easy for me and fun for her - such a mom win!


These downloads are the best! Easy to access and my kids love them (mom does too.😉) They are a great weekday activity when the kids have had too much TV. The holiday ones are our favorite!

- Jenn M.

Just A Basic Mama is a community of normal moms loving their kids and trying their best! Become a part of a community of like-minded mamas, grab activity and craft ideas, and start feeling ready to take on the day, everyday!


The ABC worksheets are perfect for my preschool class! We laminated them and put them in binders for the students to use during our literacy centers. They love using dry erase markers and tracing their letters! Thank you!!

-Kortney B., Day Dreamers Early Learning Center Director

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Activity Packs are a fun way to entertain your kids. Whether you need some peace and quiet while you make dinner, or you're traveling and want to keep your kids busy, you'll find an Activity Pack perfect for you!

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