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Welcome to Just A Basic Mama! This blog is dedicated to providing tips for overwhelmed stay at home moms. Here you will find advice to help you get into routines and live a happier, simpler life as a stay at home mom. So you can be the mama you always wanted to be!

Being a mom is tough. I get it. I’ve been in the thick of those newborn days, overtired and lonely. In the terrible twos phase, wondering why I’m arguing with a toddler. I've lost sight of boundaries and think my kids might be smarter than me!

That’s why I created Just A Basic Mama. I’m Alessandra, mama of 3 little ones and wife to my high school sweetheart. As a former daycare teacher and Early Childhood Educator, I wanted a creative outlet to share my experience once becoming a stay-at-home-mom. I wanted to create a community for moms to seek advice, to not feel judged, and to be together in the joys AND difficulties of motherhood.

Make your days easier, enjoy them, and find a tribe of mamas who have your back. I’m so glad you’re here!

Are you in need of getting into a great daily schedule or need something to do with your kids? Check out these resources:

-The Ultimate Stay At Home Mom Schedule

-Activity Packs

-Thriving Beyond Motherhood: A Journey to Become A Happier and More Purposeful Stay at Home Mom

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ABC Activity Pack

My most popular activity pack! It includes the whole alphabet and it's a great way to learn letter recognition. Your child can use a dot marker to mark the letter and also practice tracing letters. It's fun and educational!

Click here to check them out.

Coloring Pages

Coloring books take up space and you don't always have one at your finger tips. Grab my coloring pages for free and download and print them instantly! These are sure to catch the attention of any little one. Now you can drink your coffee in peace. Click Here.


Head to my blog posts now and you will find activity ideas, routines for your kids, and just some normal, real mom life!

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