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8 Mess Free Crafts for Young Kids

They say it’s all about the process over product when it comes to kids arts and crafts. But sometimes, us moms want mess-free crafts that are simple for our kids, right? These projects I’m going to share with you aren’t only simple, they will be forever-memories and create a wonderful keepsake for you, too.

Enjoy spending some time with your kids, sit down, and do a little craft with them. All these projects are fairly easy, they require construction paper only, and you’ll enjoy looking back on them. If you’re like me, you can even document that you made it during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Maybe that will help look back at this time a little more fondly!

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Mess-Free Crafts Using Only Construction Paper

Here are photos of our home made, construction paper only crafts. You can click the links to head to the original blogs I got the ideas from for the full tutorial. I let my creative juices flow and some of mine might be slightly different than the original. Have fun and see what you can come up with!

1. Hedgehog – Since Roman is Sonic the Hedgehog obsessed, this one was a no-brainer. See the original craft here.

mess-free crafts (6)

2. Bumble Bee – Great for spring time! Original craft here.

mess-free crafts (5)

3. Baby Chick – Roman’s teach did a remote learning unit where she had real chicken eggs in an incubator and recorded each stage of them growing. She would post updates on Facebook for us and we got to see all the little chicks hatch. It was so cool! So we went on a little bird kick for a while. This little yellow chicken is popping out of it’s shell! And if you’re wondering why so many of these crafts are wrinkled, it’s because my kids enjoy playing with them after they are done. 🙂

mess-free crafts (1)

4. Flamingo – My favorite kind of bird, I mean how could you resist this adorable hand print craft?! Get the full tutorial here.

mess-free crafts (4)

5. Bald Eagle – I love the hand prints on this one. I even used Roman’s foot for guidance when cutting out the body shape! Full tutorial here.

mess-free crafts (3)

6. Frog – I love the over sized construction paper crafts! You can find the tutorial here. They used a paper plate, but you can easily substitute it for more construction paper as I did here.

mess-free crafts (2)

7. Rainbow – I love this mosaic rainbow craft! It’s perfect for spring time. Full tutorial here.

mess-free crafts (8)

8. Turtle – I did use our Chalkola Dot Markers to make the shell of these turtles, but you could color the turtle shell with crayons/markers or cut out circles of construction paper and glue them on instead!

mess-free crafts (7)

And there you have it! Eight mess-free crafts for kids! My favorites are the ones that include a hand print. I know someday I’ll weep over how tiny and precious my kid’s hands were!

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If you’re looking for messier projects with a process over product kinda vibe, I have those too! Click for SLIME or OOBLECK.

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