10 Fun Things To Add To Your Spring Bucket List

Spring has finally sprung! No doubt we are SO excited about warm weather, pretty flowers, and birds chirping after the very, long, cold winter we just had! There’s so much to enjoy in the spring, so I’ve come up with a fun spring bucket list you can do with your kids and as a family. Happy first day of spring!

Spring Bucket List

  1. Go on a Nature Walk – Get outside and go for a walk! You can go in your back yard, a local town forest, or a walking trail. Look for all things outdoorsy—rocks, pine cones, leaves, even bugs! You never know…these things could come in handy for a fun little craft later!
  2. Get Beach Pizza – If you live near the beach this is pretty much the best part of spring and summer…’nuff said.
  3. Plant Seeds – Plant some flower seeds in your front yard and watch them grow. Or grow them in a small pot inside. Either way, your kids will love planting their own seed, watering it each day, and watching the process of it grow into a flower. Yay science!
  4. Go to a Museum or Aquarium– April showers bring May flowers, am I right? So there’s bound to be a rainy day this spring. Check out a kids museum in your area! You’ll be surprised what a google search can help you find.
  5. Go to a Local Garden – Go check out a local garden or farm stand. Pick up lots of yummy fruits and vegetables to use for dinner that night. Or just check out all the spring-time flowers.
  6. Puddle Jump – After the storm passes get those rain boots on and go puddle jumping. Even if you stay right in your driveway, your kids will have a blast! There’s nothing like jumping in big puddles that we usually tell them to stay away from!
  7. Sidewalk Chalk – Get some sidewalk chalk and use the street/driveway as your canvas. I use to LOVE having someone trace my body outline on the ground and then drawing my hair, eyes, nose, etc. on my little chalk-self. You could also play hopscotch, practice letters, or just plain old scribble! The list is endless with sidewalk chalk.
  8. Make Bird Feeders – Remember how I said that nature walk could lead to some fun crafts? Make a bird feeder with those pine cones! All you need is some nut-butter and birdseed. Use a pipe cleaner to hang it in a tree in your backyard. Then bird watch!
  9. Paint Rocks – Again, that nature walk. Pick out some nice, smooth rocks and paint them for fun outdoor decor for your garden or just your front steps.
  10. Have a Picnic – Plan a family picnic! Pack a big, yummy lunch and head to your local park for a picnic. This is one of our favorite things to do. We can’t wait to get outside as a family in the spring time and a family picnic is a great way to kick off that warm weather!

There you have it, a list of 10 things you can add to your spring bucket list. I hope these ideas help you to get up and get out of the house! Is there anything I missed? Let me know what your favorite thing to do in the spring is.

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