6 Month Old Schedule

Creating A 6 Month Old Schedule For Your Baby

Are you ready to crack down and get your 6 month old on a schedule? If naps are few and far between for your baby and you’re exhausted, you’ve come to the right place! As a mom of 3, I know how important it is to get your baby on a good schedule and have a nap routine. Oh, and how important naps are not just for your baby, but for you too, mama!

I want to help you! In this blog you’ll learn how I got my babies into nap routines that worked. Give yourself some free time during the day to rest or get chores done!

We need some quiet time, and creating a 6 month old schedule for your baby is totally doable! Just follow my simple steps to create a schedule that works for you. As long as you stick to this, it will work!

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6 Month Old Schedule

Once your baby is down to two naps per a day, I like to follow the “Eat-Play-Sleep” schedule. That means, your baby wakes up, you feed them, they play, and then they sleep. By following this schedule your baby won’t rely on nursing or a bottle to fall asleep. You can use a binky or just let them fall asleep without one, that’s totally your call!

At 6 months old, I also like to use the 2-3-4 rule for sleeping. I will give you an example:

If your baby wakes up at 7AM, their first nap will be 2 hours later at 9AM. If they sleep for 2 hours and wake up at 11AM, their next nap will be 3 hours later at 2PM. Then, if they sleep for 1.5 hours and wake up at 3:30PM, they will go to bed 4 hours later at 7:30PM.

Of course, this is just an idea. Some babies it might be 2-3-3, or 1.5-2.5-3.5. You just need to watch for your baby’s sleep cues and use the 2-3-4 schedule as a guideline. The key is to make sure you get your baby down before they are over tired. But how do you do that? By creating a quick and easy nap/bedtime routine!

Nap/Bedtime Routine

I like to keep these routines super simple! Like, you can keep this routine if you’re staying in a hotel simple. About 15 minutes before my baby’s nap time, I change her diaper, put her Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack on, read 1 or 2 books, sing her a song, and put her in her bed drowsy, but awake. I have chosen to use a binky so she takes that and goes right to sleep. If she cries a little, I know I waited too long to put her down so I might have to rub her back to help calm her a bit. But for the most part, she goes right to sleep on her own.

Better sleep in 1-3 nights

If you stick to these schedules/routines I know your baby will get use to it. Babies LOVE routine. They love knowing what is coming next and things like a book and their sleep sack are cues to help them learn that sleep time is coming.

Stick to the Eat-Play-Sleep and 2-3-4 for your 6 month old schedule and before you know it, this will just be part of you and your baby’s day. It will become second nature and it will be SO easy!

Let me know in the comments what you think! And make sure to share this blog with a friend who’s trying to figure out a 6 month old schedule for their baby.

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  1. Jane

    Do you like Zen Sleep Sack? I’m just at the moment of dropping the swaddle (following Susan Urban’s guide from here: https://www.parental-love.com/shop/baby-sleep-training ) and I’ve bought some random sack that Lily doesn’t seem to like very much. So we’re making great progress with sleep training although I’d like her to have something that she loves, just like swaddle…

    1. admin

      Hi! Yes we’ve been loving the Zen Sleep sack! My daughter’s nightly wake ups have been cut in half since using it. Instead of waking up 4-5 times we’re at 2-3. 🙂 It’s been a great sleep tool for us!

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