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A Pumpkin Patch Craft Using Chalkola Dot Markers

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Pumpkins give me so many ideas for crafts. They’re easy and versatile. And you probably have the supplies to make them right at home, no matter what the craft. They work for October and Halloween (hello jack-o-lanterns) and overall, they just make for the best little projects for kids!

In this craft I used our Chalkola Dot Markers to make little pumpkins on a vine.

Here’s What You’ll Need

  • White construction paper
  • Orange Chalkola dot marker
  • Green and orange washable marker
pumpkin patch craft (2)

Have your child make a bunch of “pumpkins” in the patch with their dot markers. I made small orange dots on the paper first with regular, washable marker so they knew where to use their dot market to dot the pumpkin. Other wise, this would’ve been one big, orange mess!

pumpkin patch craft (4)

After the marker dried, I helped my kids draw a squiggly, green line connecting each pumpkin, and added a little stem to each one. Now it looks like a beautiful pumpkin patch!

pumpkin patch craft (1)

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*If you don’t have any dot markers, orange paint or fingerprints work too!

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