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My Very Basic Hospital Bag Checklist

It can be stressful when you’re preparing to give birth to your baby. Especially if you’re a first time mom! There’s so many things that need to be done and it can become overwhelming. Packing your hospital bag shouldn’t be! When I had my first child, I way overpacked. Like I’m talking huge suitcase, filled with God knows what?! And guess what? I didn’t even use half those items I put in it.

In my opinion, you’re hospital bag doesn’t need to be massive. The hospital provides many items for you, and if there’s anything I’ve learned from have two babies already, you don’t need much when you’re at the hospital, because let’s face it…you spend most of your time laying in that hospital bed with your baby.

In this blog I’m giving you the most basic hospital bag checklist. It has everything you absolutely NEED for your hospital stay when you give birth to your baby. Feel free to download and print the PDF for yourself!

Note: Some things on this checklist are based towards moms who plan to breastfeed.

Basic Hospital Bag Checklist

Nursing Bra – You’ll probably only need this for going home or when you have visitors. You tend to spend most of your hospital stay topless, especially if you’re nursing.

Boppy Pillow – They definitely help make you more comfortable while nursing in a hospital bed.

Clothes to Go Home In – I suggest a dress if it’s warm or larger sweatpants if it’s cold. You’re not going to drop down to your normal size after having a baby, and you’re also going to have to fit these clothes over a very large pad. Be prepared by having clothes at least one size larger than you’re normal size.

Nursing pads – Breastfeeding or not, your breasts are probably going to be leaky once your milk comes in. You’ll want to stay dry by tucking some nursing pads into your bra.

Snacks – You’ll want to pack plenty of snacks and water, especially for your husband/support person. Great snack items include trail mix, bananas, granola bars, yogurt, cheese sticks, and peanut butter crackers.

Toiletries – Deodorant, tooth paste/tooth brush, your favorite makeup products, dry shampoo, body wash, hair elastic, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, contact solution/glasses, etc.

Cell phone chargers – This is obvious, but you don’t want to forget them! You’ll want your phone ready to go so you can take lots of pictures and call/text everyone you know that the baby is finally HERE.

Camera – We all have cameras on our cell phones, but if you want to take even nicer photos, you’ll want to bring your camera.

Going home outfit for baby – Your baby will most likely be swaddled naked during your hospital stay. When they are not swaddled, they will be spending lots of skin-to-skin time with you, therefore you probably won’t need clothes for him/her until you leave. Make sure the clothes you pack for baby are a layer warmer than what you would wear. I’m about to have an August baby, but I still have pants and a long sleeve shirt and socks packed for the baby. They are use to being inside a very warm and cozy womb.

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Items The Hospital Provides Include…

Pads, mesh underwear, lanolin, hospital gown, breast pump (if needed), witch hazel pads, diapers, wipes, swaddle blankets, and more are all provided to you by the hospital! They will probably even have basic toiletries if you forget something, as well. I’ve also noticed, in most cases, they will send some of these products home with you too.

Good luck, mama! You’ve got this. Enjoy welcoming your new, sweet baby into this world and try not to stress too much about what you need in that hospital bag!

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