12 Strong and Uncommon Baby Boy Names

Why is naming a boy SO hard? It seemed so much harder to me to name a boy than a girl for some reason. When it comes to baby boy names, traditional names have definitely stood the test of time. But what if you’re looking for something a little less common? In this blog you’ll find some great boy names!

I always liked names that weren’t super “out there” or unique, but that also weren’t super popular. I tried my best to steer clear of the top 50 names or so when naming my kids. Strong names, yet uncommon was my goal. I definitely didn’t want another kid in my kid’s class with the same name. But I also wanted people to be able to pronounce it and spell it! So if you’re pregnant and looking for baby boy names like that, I’ve rounded up a list of my very favorites right here.

Baby Boy Names

  1. Valentino
  2. Shepherd
  3. Amos
  4. Flynn
  5. Reign
  6. Van
  7. Leon
  8. Roman
  9. Beckham
  10. Jett
  11. Crew
  12. Donovan

What do you think? I bet you can pronounce all of those names. 😉 Would you use any of these baby boy names for your son? Let me know in the comments! If you’re not expecting a boy and landed here by mistake, I have a list of unpopular girl names just below.

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