We Did It! We Finished Our 30 Day Park Challenge

WE DID IT! My kids and I finished our 30 day park challenge and boy was it fun! 30 different parks in 30 consecutive days. It was A LOT of work, but in the end it was worth it.

Roman and Mallory got so excited each day to find a new park and they got really good at spotting them too! Mallory even found an abandoned park at an old school near us.

The Pros & What I Learned

Our favorite parks were probably the wooden ones. I was surprised at how many we found. For me they were super nostalgic. But for the kids they were SO fun, because they are big and have so many nooks and crannies to run around in. Fun for all ages, if you ask me. I decided to call those parks the 90s parks. #90skid

I also watched Roman and Mallory’s gross motor skills blossom! Their muscle strength and coordination improved immensely and Mallory can literally scale a wall now. Roman has gotten better at riding his bike and is so much braver when put in uncomfortable situations.

There were so many basic skills I never gave much thought about that improved so much by doing this challenge. It’s a great reminder about how important it is to get out and move your body each day!

finishedparkchallenge (2)

The Cons

Even though the pros of this challenge definitely outweighed the cons, there were still some downfalls to finding a new playground every day.

We had to do a lot of driving and searching (thank God for Google!) which used a lot of gas. It also took up most of our mornings. All things that I wasn’t fully prepared for. But, like I said, it got us outside and gave us something to do each day. Which after being stuck inside all winter–and it was a long stinkin’ winter–was much needed!

It was also a pretty rainy June in New Hampshire. So we endured a lot of rainy and cool weather. Which wasn’t terrible, but the inconsistent weather and rain made it a little difficult to get out some days.


I realize now this challenge was probably not achievable for a lot of parents, even stay-at-home-parents….So I’m challenging you to a 7 or 10 day park challenge! Try out 1 new park each day for a week and see what you find. What do you think?

Now that we’re done with our park challenge we’re on to our Summer Bucket List! We’ve already knocked off a few things (and I have a few added in my brain.) Follow along with us @justabasicmama on Instagram!

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Happy Summer!

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