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5 Things to Help You Survive a Family Car Ride

Let’s face it, a long car ride can be tough with little ones! Anything over 30 minutes feels like forever for them, but realistically, anything over 2 hours is long for anyone. Hearing the words “are we there yet” over and over again can make you want to pull your hair out! And during these times, a car ride is your safest bet to get anywhere. Here are some tips to survive a long car ride with your young children.

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Surviving A Long Car Ride

We are a family who enjoys camping, which means we often take longer car rides. A two to three hour car ride is not unheard of for us and we tend to have a couple trips each summer. So, I’ve figured out how to make a car ride with kids a little more enjoyable for everyone. I even do it screen-free! Yep, you read that right…screen-free, just like the good ol’ days!

5 Things For Your Car Ride

  1. Magnadoodles – These are mess-free, nothing can get lost, heaps of fun for your kiddos. I don’t know about you, but magnadoodles keep my kids occupied for quite a while. Which is perfect for the car! And unlike paper and crayons, they can’t drop anything into seat crevices where they will never be seen again.
  2. Play I Spy With My Little Eye – I’m taking you right back to the ’90s with this game, amiright? But it’s a fun game, your kids are talking and thinking and no one is screaming “are we there yet!?”
  3. Snacks – Bring lots of snacks and water! Snacks will help keep those little ones quiet as a mouse. I love these Munchkin SnackCatch & Sip 2-in-1 Containers for traveling. You can put a snack and drink in them and it’s spill proof!
  4. Plan your drive around nap time – I suggest leaving shortly before nap time, if possible. That way your kids sleep most of the trip, or at least for half of it. If you leave right before nap, that leaves them super sleepy towards the beginning of your drive, but not overtired and wound up.
  5. Stickers – Stickers are another fairly easy thing to do in the car. Just give your kids some paper and a sticker sheet. The smaller the stickers, the harder it is for them to do, which means it lasts longer. 😉

That’s it! 5 things to do in the car when you’re going on a long car ride. Of course, you may also need to stop and stretch, especially if the car ride is longer than 2 hours. Getting out of the car for a quick walk will help your kids stay more peaceful in the car. Enjoy your family car ride, I hope these tips are helpful! Make sure to share this with a friend.

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