New Year's Resolution

How To Make A New Year’s Resolution and Stick To It

Happy 2020, everyone! ‘Tis the season for a New Year’s Resolution, making them and breaking them all in a few weeks right? Not this year! Make this year, your year. Create one or two great resolutions and stick to it.

In this blog I’m going to talk about the resolution I made for myself this year and the steps I’m taking to make sure I stick to it! Will it be hard? Maybe in the beginning, but I know with the shifts in my habits I can make it happen.

My New Year’s Resolution

This year, my New Year’s Resolution is to de-clutter my home and get rid of “stuff.” Clothes, shoes, toys, papers, anything that I do not need or look at or care about will be donated, sold, or thrown away. I’m calling myself a “Wannabe Minimalist.” 😉

Back Story

Here’s a little back story: When my husband and I bought our house back in 2013 we vowed to each other to not be clutter bugs. We both grew up in homes with clutter. Tables and counters were piled with needless things that our parent’s needed to save for some reason. So, our biggest thing was no clutter. No old mail piles on the table, no stacks of paper work on the counter. And honestly, we started off well!

Then we had kids. With more people living in our house and toys upon toys, our house started to get filled with stuff. After this past Christmas when we added even more toys to our living room, I had to put my foot down. (Next year we will have to be very specific when asking for gifts!) All the stuff gives me anxiety, and I wanted to cry after Christmas because I was so overwhelmed with everything we received. Of course, I’m grateful for a very close and loving family, but when there’s no room for all the new toys it get’s tough.

How I’m Sticking To It

This year, I’m not letting my resolution slip through the cracks. Each week I go through one area of my house and get rid of things. I have already gone through my closet twice and filled 2 bags with clothes to donate. (I’m working on my 3rd bag of old clothes right now!) Some clothes I sell on Poshmark. After winter is over, I will look at all the winter clothes I never wore and get rid of those, too.

One weekend, my husband and I went through every cabinet in our kitchen and reduced the amount of dishes we had. Why do we need 27 cups for 2 people to use? We don’t – so goodbye! Our kitchen cabinets actually fit all the dishes we have right now and that feels SO GOOD.

I also have gone through my kid’s closets and dressers and put away clothes that no longer fit them. I put those in bins in my attic, just in case. You never know if we’ll add one more, or a niece or nephew might need some hand-me-downs.

To Sum It Up…

Making and keeping your New Year’s Resolution doesn’t need to be hard! When you make (or made) your New Year’s Resolution is it something you are really committed to or something attainable? You want to be able to set small goals for it and reach those smaller goals throughout the month.

Whatever your resolution is, write it down. Then once a week, or if that’s too much, once or twice a month, think about your resolution and DO IT. If it is to work out more then each week write down what days you will work out. If it’s eating healthy, keep a grocery list of all healthy food-items you want to buy. Maybe your resolution is to be more intentional, so write down each Sunday what you can do for the week to be more intentional.

Whatever it is, continue to think about it and be active. Keep your resolution this year and make 2020 your best year yet! Tell me in the comments what your New Year’s Resolution is and how you’re staying accountable.

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