Finding Your Mom Tribe: The Power of Building a Support Network

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In a world where the mom village has basically vanished, finding your mom tribe these days is more important than ever! In this blog I’m giving tips to help you, as a stay at home mom, find your tribe so you can live your best mom life!

finding your mom tribe

Finding your mom tribe these days is so, so important for a multitude of reasons. We live in a time where the “mom village” that is so often spoken about, just doesn’t really exist, or it’s hard to come by. But having your own mama friends is beneficial for your mental health, well-being, and overall happiness once becoming a stay at home mom.

As a stay at home mom, embarking on the journey of motherhood can be both rewarding and challenging. While the joy of raising children is immense, the day-to-day responsibilities can sometimes feel overwhelming without a strong support network. This is where having a mom tribe or support network becomes crucial. In this blog, we’ll discuss why stay at home moms need a mom tribe and how you can build yours starting now. Let’s go!

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This blog is for you if:

  • You’re a stay at home mom of very young children
  • You are feeling lonely
  • You don’t feel like you have many mom friends
  • You’d love some help and/or a mom village

5 Reasons Why Finding Your Mom Tribe Is Important for SAHMs

Let’s discuss 5 reasons why it’s crucial and helpful for your mental and even physical health to have a mom tribe when you’re a stay at home mom.

1. Finding Your Mom Tribe Combats Isolation

Motherhood can often times feel isolating, especially when you’re spending most of your time at home with very young children and babies. A mom tribe provides companionship and understanding from fellow stay at home moms who are going through similar experiences. It’s a chance to connect, share stories, and feel less alone in your journey.

2. Emotional Support

Raising children comes with its share of highs and lows. A mom tribe offers a safe space to vent, seek advice, or simply share your feelings without judgment. Having friends who understand the challenges of motherhood can be incredibly comforting during tough times. We all need at least one friend who supports us no matter what!

3. Practical Help and Advice

Mom friends and moms who have children older than yours can be a wealth of information! You need those moms in your life. Like if you need tips on potty training, meal ideas, or managing tantrums, your mom tribe is a valuable resource for this practical advice. Sharing knowledge and experiences can save you time and energy, making day-to-day parenting more manageable.

4. Opportunities for Adult Interaction

Do you ever realize when your husband/partner gets home from work you can’t seem to stop talking to them about anything and everything? That’s because conversations with little ones all day or not having anyone to talk to at all, can leave you craving adult interaction. Mom friends provide stimulating conversation, laughter, and a break from the baby talk. It’s a chance to nurture friendships and maintain a sense of identity outside of being a mom.

5. Building Confidence

Being part of a mom tribe can boost your confidence as a parent. Sharing successes and learning from challenges together reinforces that you’re not alone in this journey. The encouragement and support from fellow moms can empower you to embrace your role with more assurance. You’ll learn that almost every other mom is going through the same thing, or has been through something similar. It will make you feel a whole lot better in your own journey when you realize that!

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5 Ways to Build Your Mom Tribe/Village

Now that you know why having a mom tribe is incredibly important, let’s unpack how you can build your own village, because it might not be that easy. The mom village just isn’t as prominent as it once was in the past, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have one! Get ready to get social though, mama!

1. Attend Local Mom Groups

Check out local mom groups, playdates, or parenting classes in your area. These gatherings are excellent opportunities to meet other moms with similar-aged children. Don’t be shy—strike up conversations, exchange numbers, and arrange follow-up meetups. I’ve learned in the last 8 years that moms truly want to talk to each other, so don’t feel weird by starting the conversation. You might just be the mama friend another mom needs! You can find a local mom group online or ask your midwife/doctor office about one!

2. Utilize Social Media

It’s not the number one option, but we are lucky to live in a time of social media for certain reasons. Online communities can be a great place to chat and hear other mom’s stories. You can join mom communities on social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram. Many areas have dedicated groups for stay at home moms where you can connect virtually, ask questions, and even plan local meetups. Social media can be a powerful tool for expanding your mom tribe beyond your immediate vicinity.

3. Join Parenting Classes or Activities

Enroll in parenting classes or attend activities with your child, such as music classes, library storytimes, or swimming lessons. These settings are great for meeting other parents who share similar interests and have kids the same age as yours. Strike up conversations during these sessions and suggest meeting outside of class. Again, many moms crave the same social interactions as you, so never feel weird reaching out!

4. Host Playdates

If there are no play groups, story times, or classes in your area, then start something yourself! You can organize playdates at your home or local parks. Invite a few moms and their kids for a fun afternoon of play. This informal setting allows you to bond and chat in a relaxed environment while your children interact and form friendships of their own. This is my favorite way to meet new mom friends because it’s so low key and easy!

5. Attend Mom-Exclusive Events

Keep an eye out for events specifically designed for moms, like wellness workshops, mom-and-tot fitness classes, or coffee meetups. These gatherings are tailored to foster connections among moms and provide opportunities to share experiences. Plus it can be super fun to get out of the house alone and interact with other moms.

finding your mom tribe

Final thoughts

Building your mom tribe can take some time and effort, but the rewards are really invaluable. Surrounding yourself with supportive, like-minded moms can make your stay at home mom journey more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Remember, every mom tribe is unique. Whether you connect with a small group of close friends or become part of a larger community, the important thing is to find a village you love! Make sure you are connecting with other moms who will uplift, inspire, and navigate motherhood alongside you, without any judgement.

At the end of the day embrace the journey, mama. And remember you’re never alone! If you’re in need of a mom community, then look below!

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