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A Fun and Relaxing Trip To Colorado For An Elegant Wedding

By Alessandra | September 9, 2019

There’s nothing better than a child-free, parent trip to Colorado! Here is an overview of my and my husband’s trip to Boulder in 2019! In August of 2019, my husband, Tom and I took a mini-vacation to Colorado for my cousin’s wedding. We spent 4 short days in Boulder and Denver, exploring, eating, and drinking. […]


A Sweet and Simple Cupcake Birthday Party For Mallory

By Alessandra | May 2, 2019

My baby is 2. Two years old! Where does the time go?! I’m pretty sure I had her like 2 DAYS ago…I feel like you have one baby and time speeds up, then you have another baby and it literally flashes like lightening right before your eyes until you have no idea what happened to […]


My Daughter’s In Early Intervention For Speech….And That’s OK

By Alessandra | April 23, 2019

When my daughter, Mallory was 14 months old she wasn’t saying all that much. I talked to her pediatrician about it and he said to give it a few more months (unless I really felt something was wrong) and we would talk about it again at Mallory’s 18 month appointment. Well 4 months went by […]

starting a mom blog

Why Starting A Mom Blog Is Scary and Why I’m So Ready!

By Alessandra | April 16, 2019

I started a mom blog a few years ago. In this blog I’m sharing why starting a mom blog is scary but why I did it! Starting a mom blog is kind of scary! It’s vulnerable and takes you out of your comfort zone. But I also think there’s so much good in sharing these […]

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