KiwiCo Activity Subscription Box For Kids

I first heard about KiwiCo through another blogger I follow on Instagram. When we purchased our first box, my son really enjoyed them. But as he got a little older and he continued to receive his own mail, he absolutely fell in love with them!

He now gets so excited when his KiwiCo box comes in the mail each month. He opens it up immediately and gets right to work. All 3 projects inside are done right away and then it’s like he has a new toy to play with. They are an awesome subscription box for kids!

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What is KiwiCo?

KiwiCo is a monthly subscription box for kids ages 2 to 100! You chose the box for the age that best fits your child. Each box has a theme and comes with 3 activities/projects. All instructions and supplies are included right in the box!

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KiwiCo believes that children learn best by playing and doing, and that’s something I firmly believe in as well. Each box allows children to create, explore, and play through hands-on learning. They are so much fun to sit and spend some quality time with your child. And watching them play after they create these projects themselves is seriously the best!

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The last box we received taught Roman about symmetry as he made symmetrical bug wings that he can actually wear and pretend he’s a bug. It also came with a fun matching game that we can continue to use and play with through the summer.

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If you’re wanting to keep the learning going this summer in a fun and easy way, you gotta check out KiwiCo subscription boxes! Click here to get 50% off your first box!

*This is not an ad for KiwiCo, I just really love and believe in these subscription boxes and wanted to share the goodness with you!

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