5 Best Montessori Toys for Toddlers

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If you’re looking for the best Montessori toys for your toddler, then check out these top 5 five toys below!

You’ve probably heard about Montessori toys and Montessori schools and teachings. Well it’s a popular philosophy for a reason! In this blog you’ll learn who Montessori is, what her teaching philosophy is, and my top 5 Montessori toy picks for toddlers. Keep reading for a freebie at the end of this blog as well!

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Who is Montessori?

Maria Montessori was an Italian educator and innovator of her time! Her teaching philosophy has truly stood the test of time. When I was in school for early childhood education, the Montessori Method was everyone’s favorite teaching method when it came to writing lesson plans. And that’s because of the simplicity of it.

Best Montessori Toys

What is the Montessori Method?

The Montessori Method is so popular because it is child-based. Her theory was the every child learns differently, therefore her educational methods were child-led. It is basically teaching children about the world around them through dramatic play, hands-on activities, and natural consequences. It’s about letting children learn through exploring the world around them. And the reason it’s so loved is that it works and it’s fun!

The Best Montessori Toys

Now that your know who Maria Montessori is and what her teaching method is, let’s dive into my top 5 toy picks that will help you create a Montessori playroom! These toys are so popular because they allow children to learn more about about body awareness and get creative. These toys are not operated with batteries, therefore allowed for extensive independent play.

1. Goodevas 4 in 1 Climbing Frame Set

This triangle ladder, arch/rocker, ramp, and netting rope is sure to offer never-ending play time fun! Help your child build their gross motor skills with this fun climbing set. Check it out here.

2. Barefoot and Salty Surf Balance Board

This balance for is the perfect Montessori toy for older toddlers. Let your child practice balancing and coordination with this cool toy! Check it out here.

balance board for toddlers

3. Piccalio Mini Chef Convertible Helper Tower

These towers are all the rage right now! If you have a toddler who loves to help in the kitchen, you need one of these helper towers. This one is adjustable too so it grows with your child. Honestly, this can help you when making dinner if you have a toddler who is attached to you. Set this up and work side-by-side to make dinner or any other meal! Get it here.

4. Piccalio Stepping Stones

These stepping stones will lead to endless fun on cold or rainy days when you’re stuck inside! Let your child’s creativity run wild, set up obstacle course, practice balancing, jumping, and more! Body awareness is something so many toddlers lack from being stuck inside and watching TV. Build those gross motor muscles and bring the playground inside. Get your Stepping Stone here!

5. RAD Children’s Furniture Climbing Triangle

This is a great toy if you don’t have a ton of space in your home or playroom. The climbing triangle is pickler-inspired and offers your child the chance to build motor skills and confidence! Isn’t that something all mamas want?! I love this set because it folds up when you’re not using it.

Best Montessori Toys

Final thoughts on the best Montessori Toys

I’m sure you noticed the trend of these Montessori toys. A lot of them encourage gross motor play, which is so important for babies and toddlers! These toys also don’t tell your child what to do, like a lot of battery operated toys do. Which also makes them less annoying! And even though they might have a higher price tag, you won’t need to pay for batteries over and over again. Overall, if you’re looking to enhance your child’s creativity and independent play, these Montessori toys are sure to be a hit in your home!

wooden blocks

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