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How To Lose Weight, Get Healthier, and Feel Better in 30 Days

In February I did a 30 day health challenge to lose weight and get healthier. I cut dairy, soy, gluten, sugar, coffee, and alcohol out of my diet for 30 days. I know that sounds crazy and you’re probably thinking “what did you eat?!” But it wasn’t as hard as it sounds. I made simple switches, like using almond milk instead of cow’s milk and gluten free pasta instead of regular pasta. Instead of snacking on chips, I snacked on fruit or rice cakes. These are easy changes that add up to big results.

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About the Program

This program isn’t only about changing your diet and taking common inflammatory foods out of your diet. It’s a whole body cleanse. There’s a tea to support your kidneys and liver, and a CleanTox cleanse to help eliminate toxins from your body. Everyone could use a body cleanse once in a while right?

You have 1 meal replacement protein shake a day, 2 meals made from delicious whole foods that nourish your body, and 1 snack protein shake. If you find you’re hungry in between meals you can snack on things like fruit, nuts, veggies and hummus, or Arbonne snack bars. In the beginning you might feel more hungry, but after about 5-6 days your body adjusts and you’ll find you won’t need to snack as often. This is because you’re giving your body foods that fuel it, not just fill it for the time being. Two of the biggest things I noticed was having more energy (that 2 PM crash doesn’t happen) and I never got that hunger crash in between meals. You know like when you shake because you’re so hungry and just grab whatever food is in sight? You won’t feel that way on this “diet.”

I say “diet” in quotes because the word sounds bad. It has a negative connotation. I simply say diet because of the food choices you’re making, not because this is a fad diet. You won’t have to cut calories or starve yourself for this program.

Was it tough? Honestly, not as tough as I thought it would be. The first few days were, but I was making some serious diet changes, which would be hard on anyone. But with some daily exercises, lots of rest and water, I did it. Here is a real account of how I felt during Arbonne’s 30 Days To Healthy Living Challenge.

My Why

Because you always have to have a WHY! My why? To prove to myself I could! You see, I have a sweet tooth and I ultimately wanted to cut sugar from my diet. I honestly also wanted lose weight and fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans again, (I’m about 6 months postpartum). While this program isn’t about losing weight, it can be a perk.

Arbonne 30 Days to Healthy Living

Day 1: Easy Peasy! I was a little hungry, but my body was getting use to eating better foods and not filling up on junk and empty calories, a.k.a. cookies and chips.

Day 2-3: The hardest days. I had a migraine, I was emotional, and I wanted to quit. That’s what happens when you quit sugar – you’re body detoxes from it and it’s not fun! BUT YOU CAN DO IT!

Day 4: I was feeling much better! I understood what I needed to eat to feel fuller and it became more normal to me.

By day 6 everything felt normal, like this is what I had always done. I could already feel my body feeling better. That afternoon slump/crash wasn’t happening anymore, I actually had energy! And that’s coming from a mom of 3 kids, one who is an infant and does not sleep through the night!

On day 20: I noticed I could fit comfortably into my pre-pregnancy jeans! Like, I’m talking they buttoned up and I could sit without having to “suck it in.”

Day 30: I lost 6lbs in 30 days! My pre-pregnancy jeans are fitting MUCH more comfortably. See my before and after photo comparison below. The bloat in my belly is gone. And even though I lost 6lbs, I gained so much more.

Once I was halfway through the program I could see myself continuing to do this past the 30 days. My goal is to continue it 80/20, because I fully believe humans should indulge now and again. 😉 Now, I just plan to eat maybe 1 cookie after dinner, instead of 5.

Check out my favorite smoothie bowl recipe HERE.

What I Learned

I learned so much about myself and the foods I eat during this 30 days. I learned what foods make you feel fuller. That healthy foods are tasty and filling, and when you eat right you don’t get that hunger crash before your next meal. I learned that foods are for fueling your body and if you eat the right things you just feel better.

To learn even more about this amazing program CLICK HERE. If you have any questions at all please, please email me at [email protected] I’d love to help you get started!

**This is my own experience. Everyone’s results will vary. I am not promising weight loss, I’m simply encouraging diet changes to help you get healthier and feel your best.**

Along with this challenge, I did yoga almost daily at home with the FableticsFit App. It helped with breathing, relaxing, and staying strong both mentally and physically. It also definitely help me to lose weight too. I walked outside when it was warm enough too. Moving your body is key to this program too!

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