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How To Develop A Nap Routine for Your 3 to 6 Month Old Baby

So, you’re out of that fourth trimester fog. Your little tiny newborn is suddenly not so tiny anymore and you’re ready to start getting them into some sort of nap routine. Well, you’ve come to the right place! I’m a mom of 3 who truly believes sleep is SO important, not only for baby and mama, but every single person in your home. I made sure to always have a structured daily schedule and a nap routine for my babies. And I promise it makes a world of a difference!

Nap routines are not only important to help your baby sleep, they are important for you. You need your baby to sleep so you can rest, get chores or work done, or spend time with your other kids. Check out my super simple nap routine great for your 3 to 6 month old!

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Nap Routine

First things first: At this age your baby shouldn’t be awake for longer than 2 hours at a time. I know what you’re thinking- there’s a lot of things to fit into 2 hours, but you can do it! I love the EAT – PLAY – SLEEP routine.

When your baby wakes up you feed them right away. This way they are not associating food with going to sleep, or wanting to be nursed or using a bottle to go to sleep. Then they play, change their diaper, run any errands you need, etc. I usually throw in another quick nursing session within that time frame because my babies were grazers, they liked quick meals but more frequently.

So, if your baby woke up at 7 AM, they will be ready for a nap at 9 AM. Around 8:45, go into your baby’s room, put their sleep sack on, read 1 or 2 books, sing a lullaby, and put them in their crib awake. I LOVE the Nested Bean Zen Sleep Sack for my babies. It helped them sleep so much better and for longer periods of time at night.

Better sleep in 1-3 nights

Work at it everyday

I realize it’s easier said than done. And it’s going to take probably close to 2 weeks before your baby gets the hang of it. You can use a pacifier and you can always go to your baby if you’re not comfortable listening to them cry. But if you keep doing this for every single nap, every day, I promise your baby will get use to it and look forward to it. I think it’s really important to start young so it ends up being all they know. And remember, some days will be easier than others!

The trick is to make their sleep routine so simple, you can do it if you’re ever away from home.

My third child is 6 months old right now and when I’m singing her her lullaby each day, she basically pushes away from me wanting to go into her crib! She loves her crib now and she loves her naps. She very rarely cries when I put her down (if she does I know I probably waited too long between naps) but she settles quickly if I give her a quick back rub.

Start Your Routine and Stick To It

It’s important once you start your routine, to stick to it. I know it can be difficult planning your day around your baby’s naps, but it makes life so much easier in the long run. Giving your baby the gift of sleep and learning to fall asleep on their own is huge once they become toddlers. That’s when you’ll really be craving more alone time. 😉

Good luck mama, you got this! Please share this blog with a friend.

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  1. Ann

    I love the name ‘forth trimester’ – it is so cute and I find it so accurate! The author of my sleep training book (this one: ) uses it a lot and I also started using it while talking to friends and online.
    Sticking to the routine is not so easy but you can see how you baby needs it and I think it is pretty motivating, isn’t it?

    1. admin

      I like the phrase too. It’s a time of so much growth for mom and baby. I think it’s important to remember the fourth trimester as a time of healing, relaxing, bonding, and growing.

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