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5 At Home Date Night Ideas For Husband Appreciation Day

April 18 is Husband Appreciation Day! Since we’re all stuck at home, I thought some fun, at home date night ideas would make the most sense during these times.

Side note, even though my husband deserves an appreciation day every day, I’ve never appreciated him more! While we are in self-isolation mode, my husband, Tom, is working his normal 40 hours a week but from home, helping out with our kids as much as possible, cooking dinner a few days a week, and doing all the grocery/essential shopping. All while being a great dad and supportive husband. He’s doing all this while dealing with the stress of Covid-19 and being stuck at home. And let me tell you, Tom is a major extrovert, staying at home for him is tough.

So, if you have nothing to do this weekend (sarcasm) why not try out a fun date night right at home with your spouse! Check out a few easy ideas below.

If you’re now quarantined at home and need some ideas of things to do with your kids while you’re homeschooling or working at home, check out this blog!

5 At Home Date Night Ideas

  1. Make dinner together – Once the kids go to bed, make dinner together. Since having kids, my husband and I don’t make any “different” meals anymore. We stick to the safe meals we know our kids will eat (can someone say picky eaters) and there’s typically not much variety. But, we love cooking together and making something new. It’s fun and allows us to put our phones down and work together. Take it up a notch by eating dinner together by candle light. So romantic!
  2. Watch a new movie and eat popcorn – Pretend like you’re at the movie theatre! Watch a new movie, eat some popcorn, and cuddle on the couch together.
  3. Play a board game – When was the last time you played a board game?! Once the kids are asleep pull out an old board game, put your phones and any other distractions away and enjoy a game night.
  4. Exercise/Do Yoga – Turn on an at home work out or find a yoga work out video on Youtube. Even if you don’t typically exercise, this can be a fun way to spend time together. You might even learn a thing or two about each other.
  5. Figure out your love language and/or Enneagram Type – Take a quiz for one or both of these and then talk about your answers. You’ll learn so much about one another while building a stronger relationship.

I hope you like these 5 simple ideas, and try some out. We might be with our spouses more often these days, but I still think it’s important to reconnect and spend quality time together! Being more intentional with your free time is probably more important now than ever before!

If you have anymore at home date night ideas, leave them below in the comments! Be a doll and share this blog with your friends!

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